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Immediate Compatibility Report
You can see your compatibility rates under the photo of a lady. There are several red, pink or grey heartlets in a raw. The more red hearts you have the higher is the rate of your mutual compatibility.

Of course, five red hearts can not provide that you will like everything about the lady and that she will do the same, however the amount of psychological problems you will have getting together is supposed to be the least.

Anti-scam politics:

We do not want scammers to chit our clients, that is why we have a special anti-scam program, which can be seen in details at www.scammerlist.com.There you can report about new scammers if you had a chance to get scammed and use the search system to find out if the girl you are dealing with now has ever been listed there as a scammer.

Scammers can change their names, appearance and methods but we have our unique techniques to track them down. We do our best to guard you from them.

without barriers:


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Our clients about the compatibility test we have:
Hello I would like to comment on your company's approach towards your clients in regards to assaying their individualism, compatibility, flaws and strong points. I give the approach (psychological profiles) high marks. When I encountered your approch to help someone find a compatible partner on your website I was quite skeptical about it. But, after reading different psychological profiles and examining wider parameters of your descriptions of myself, I was totally flabbergasted how close you were hitting home about me. I would like also to add that the woman on your site are more realistic than the other sites.
Cheers to you and keep up the good work

Our clients' reports:
<p>I'm happy to say I found a Woman with who I have a real connection with.. Will be traveling to see her in early June.. A day I very much look forward to! </p>
Nick, USA, Cypress, CA
<p>Wonderful site. I have found my Love by matching the psychologic test. She had been marked as perfectly compatible with me, and she truly is. These options at your site appear to be a game changer in my life.</p><p>Thanks!</p&...
Gerjan, Belgium, Brussels
<p>I thank all the administratives units of this network for their great works for making me unite with a woman i think should be my wife in the nearest time being,all i saw here is entirely honest women,very easy to establish contact,i,m great...
Vaster, Italy, Milano
nice site.. I have met someone very interesting and no longer wish to maintain my profile. thank you very much
Jeff, USA, Saint Augustine, FL
more feedback...
If you want your girl to be a faithful and loving partner and not just a pretty one to go out with, we recommend you to use our
psychological compatibility test to find the most compatible person for you.

Men inquiring us

well, I don't like the idea of having to pay just to send messages to someone I am interested in. I've payed for services like this before and they were a totall let down, and I spent hours trying to get refunds back due to a dissappointing dating site. In most cases I always win. Unfornatly Im just not into the whole paying thing. If it was free then sure I'd stay but hey thats life I guess. Thanks for having me here though.

1. I strongly suppose that the site you have been registered to previously is something like "Russian mail brides". This is one of the sites that sell girl's email addresses. Then it is not surprising that such an experience could be rather disappointing.

About 5 percent of women registered at dating sites soon change their mind and remove their questionnaires from the list. It may be because of their disappointment with Internet dating services in general or because of the fact that their decision to put their questionnaire there was too hasty and actually they had no reasons to do that. Or, vice versa, sometimes women succeed to find a person they would like to communicate with in two or three days and after that they are not interested in dating services anymore and hold correspondence only with the one man they have chosen. However, sites that sell girls' emails can still have such an email in their database and they will certainly sell it again and again although the woman no more wants to answer messages from other men.

Another 5 percent of women are not rather interested in dating services at all and check their mail once a month. Concerning email selling sites you would never be able to sort them out of the girls that are really interested in communication and really wait for men's answers.

Moreover, email selling sites cannot guarantee any protection from the scammers. We check all our girls regularly and if one of them starts behaving in a scammer like manner we immediately examine all information about her and see if she has ever been mentioned as a scammer. If the girl turns out to be a real scammer, we delete her profile and add her to our scammers' list, so that all our clients could be informed about her. All these procedures can be implemented rather quickly. However, at an email selling site you will never be able to check the information about the girl. They just have her address in their database and no one cares if she is a scammer. So she can scam the clients again and again getting away with it.

Also there is such a thing as a chance that the girl would change her email. Some of our women do it almost once a month. They no longer check their old email addresses. However, here they won't get lost anyway, since we start sending them notifications about new messages in their profile's message box using their new email address so that they will see it and reply anyway. At the same time, at email selling sites they never check it if the girl's address is no longer valid and go on selling her old email to the men.

The main problem of email selling sites is that they have no possibility to check the validity of information in their database. It is very difficult to update or verify. That is why men are so often disappointed with sites like that. They write messages but the majority of girls would never answer or just would send a reply a month later when you do not expect it anymore.

2. The thing about our site that you should understand well is that we do not take money for communication. You pay for our services provided by smoothly running well-balanced system. Everyday maintaining of such a system takes much time and effort of a numerous staff working for our company.

Daily work at the site includes checking new girls, satisfying all the complaints and answering all the questions. This is done for you so that you were protected from scammers and had a chance to communicate with real girls safely. Nobody would like to deal with a site where every second girl is a scammer.

Nearly the same work is done to protect our girls (you might come across such a thing as Nigerian spam). It may sound surprising, but there are male scammers as well! Scammers from Nigeria pay by stolen credit cards and then try to scam our girls.

We do our best to make the site easy at work. Our search system is supposed to help you to find the Russian girl you are dreaming about. Also it is very important to maintain a huge database with various alternatives for men and women.

There are programmers who work night and day to develop and introduce new features to the site.

There are servers in different parts of the world that make the site upload and work more quickly for people of all around the globe.

Finally, there are designers, psychologists, translators, system administrators and support managers who also do their work for your convenience and should be paid regularly.

It is not so easy to maintain such a site. You cannot just sit and get your profits doing nothing. That is why we think our membership fee a fair price for our work.

Answering on

If I pay for membership, will you deliver my messages to the girl?

There is no need in delivering messages to the girls personally. Every girl notified about new messages in her profile's mail Inbox using by private email. Most of our girls have Internet access at home or in any Internet Cafe, which are rather popular in Russia, and are able to check their mail regularly. Internet dating is impossible when you have no access to the Internet and hold your correspondence once a month. Serious relationship demand long-term regular communication. The girls that hardly visit our site are not worth your attention.

How many letters am I allowed to send during a month (I want to buy Gold for a month)?

Being a silver or gold member you are allowed to read and write as many messages as you please.

Can I see whether my message has been read by the lady?

You can check it in your profile's Outbox. The letters that were read are marked there.

Can I buy a lady's address? I want to write her a letter.

You cannot buy a lady's address since we do not sell email. It is not legal according to the privacy law. Girls can register to the site and decide for themselves which of the men that write to them deserve to get their private email. Nobody can make them give their email or any personal information.

Where is displayed the lady's status, I mean how can I find it out whether she is a free (unpaid), silver or gold client? Do you have many ladies that pay you for membership? What if I'm interested in a lady but she is unable to write to me since she is a limited member? What should be done in such a situation?

All our ladies have a status of a gold client, which means they are unlimited in their abilities at the site. It is absolutely free for them. They do not have to pay for it. The girls that are limited are all hidden as long as we have not checked them yet or they appear to be scammers. All the ladies you see are able to answer your messages. We do not take money from the girls for communication with you.

There are about 40 ladies at your site I'm interested in. So I write messages to all of them. But I'm afraid they would not receive that since they may ban some clients of writing to them. Is it possible? Can a lady prevent me from writing to her? Do they select messages according to their criteria of search such as age, country etc.? What if I'm not satisfying their criteria directly but still not so bad for them? Will they see my messages?

Ladies cannot sort their messages according to their search criteria. They receive all mails that were sent to them. Of course, some of them check their mail more regularly, while others do it once a week or can be out of town on holidays. You can check it in your Outbox whether the lady has read your message or not. But it is the lady who decides whom she would like to answer and whom she will ignore.

Answers of our psychologist
Hi, Can you please answer a puzzling question, a lot of russian ladies I have spoken to wear a gold ring on their finger. Here in the UK it is a sign that she is married. Russian ladies say it is not marrage rings. What are they?
I'm in a bit of a touchy jam, and I need to know how to gracefully get out of it. I'll try to make a long story short- in my recently-started quest for a Russian mate, I put my profile on a couple of sites and almost shockingly, got a ton of responses-many of them who I was genuinely interested in. Since you never know how any particular correspondence with a woman will go until there is something solid like talking on the phone, meeting face-to-face, etc., I wanted to keep my options open and I'm actively corresponding with 6 or 7 women.....>>>
Ask our expert
If you have any questions about Russian women or need our advice, please, write to us about that.
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Your first letter

The first thing you should write her about is why you were interested in her in particular. She will certainly feel grateful for your attention since you have chosen her among thousands of other girls. Focus on something that grasped your attention when you first read through her profile or watched her photo. She will understand that your interest is real and accept you heartily. Of course, this thing should be something other than her legs or her breast.

Men's Internet Dating Site Photos
HUGE files, image quality exceeding 50+ K are less important for Russian women than the fact that "YOU CARED ENOUGH TO SEND YOUR VERY BEST." This quote is, of course, a paraphrase of Hallmark's slogan and can be applied here as well. Do you care enough? IF so, DO YOUR BEST to show that to your lady.

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